WINNERS - June 2016 Usenet Kook Awards
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Checkmate, DoW #1
2016-07-02 03:26:16 UTC
Barbara Woodhouse Memorial Dog-Whistle Award
Named in honour of the skilful dog-trainer who became a British TV
personality in the 1980s, this award is given jointly to the best trained
net.kook in any given month and to his or her trainer. Possible examples
of good training include obedience to one's owner's commands to reply to
posts, and devotion in following one's owner around from group to group
and through the Google archive. House-training, which, regrettably, is a
rare accomplishment for a kook, isn't a prerequisite. Woof.
And the winners are: kensi (trainer) and Greg Hall (trainee)!
getting Gagglz to froth on cue about free news servers' alleged evils,
and for kensi causing Gweerrgl to shill for Chris Caputo on cue.
Congratulations, kensi! You may not have won this one last month but you
Typical demonstration of the flawed female brain. Proof that females
are incapable of understanding simple logic.
I told Nadegda in as simple a way as I could so she might have a
chance of understanding, but, apparently, even that was too difficult
for her typical, relatively small and illogical female brain to
cope with.
It appears that MUST be the case as otherwise only wilfulness may
explain the FACT that she knew damned well that I did NOT respond
because kensi blew a dog whistle. Rather, I responded because I
read kensi's simpleton ROT13 and just couldn't resist rubbing her
face in her own doodoo so that makes me the trainer and kensi is
the dog.
So, this being the case I REJECT as flawed your stupid award.
Furthermore, what little respect I had for you as PRETEND Usenet
Lady and Mistress is swirling down my actual and real flush
toilet that I posted PROOF of.
My dear readers, can I help it if these two females are so bent upon
demonstrating in public how a small and illogical female brain operates?
Perhaps, I should give them a bit of a break, however, as evolution has
clearly caused them to be barely functional in the brain department.
Hundreds of thousands of years of females staying close to their
caves while the men were out providing for them have served to
evolve away any need for logic and spatial understanding. Indeed,
these two items go hand in hand as logic is spatial in nature at
its very core.
So, even though I reject this dumb and flawed presentation of the
Woodhouse Award, I understand the cause and actually rejoice in
the fact that females are lost and illogical due to evolution,
the reason being is it makes them easier prey when a man needs
a good fuck. After all, a fully-functional brain in a female
would only serve to detract from their main purpose which is
being a helpmate to a man and for bearing his progeny.
You'll be slurping Nads again in a few days, just like always. That's
why you don't get any respect around here.
I get a great deal more respect than you do because I
don't blindly support somebody and embrace ALL their
hate and anger like you do.
I am capable of loving the individual while rejecting
all that is untenable about that individual. I maintain
this is the mature and sensible way to operate. It is
also the Christian way. Perhaps you should try it?
Fuck that x-tian bullshit.
Checkmate, AUK DoW #1, new Honorary FNVW of AUK, and Fakey's master
AUK Hammer of Thor award, Feb. 2012 (Pre-Burnore)
Destroyer of the AUK Ko0k Vote (Post-Burnore)
Originator of the "Dance for me" (tm) lame
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2016-07-09 05:01:25 UTC
Post by Checkmate, DoW #1
Fuck that x-tian bullshit.
The strategy for maximum group benefit in a series of iterated prisoner's
dilemmas is -- counterintuitively -- cooperation, except when dealing
with a scorpion.

So you could say the Golden Rule is baked into information theory --
again, counterintuitively.

Having said that, I'm personally a Unitarian Universalist -- but I know a
lot of very nice Christians.

Troubles from religion (or politics, or really a lot of other things)
usually stem from extremism.

Finally, I'd like to point out that the fact that there are a lot of nice
Christians doesn't mean that Christian dogma, philosophy, and/or theology
is necessarily correct.

For example, the Calvinistic idea of "total depravity" is 180 degrees
from human experience, for anyone who truly pays attention to their day-
to-day dealings with the people around them. Most people are decent
people who have good consciences.

Case in point: if that _weren't_ the case, a lot of movie plots would be
impenetrable to audiences. I'll leave you with this: